More than 30 years producing table grapes, Fazendas Labrunier has 4 farms in the São Francisco river valley, Brazilian  northeast region,  with  877 acres in production and 2.167 ha in total. Through partnerships with the best genetic laboratories in the world, the company has the widest amount of grape varieties in Brazil, with 18 types in total on the market and 41 others being tested; a reference in R&D, in search of amazing flavours and innovation in the production process.

Water and soil are essential for the business, therefore the processes are sustainable to the environment and local comunity where it operates, from fertilization with organic compounds to monitored irrigation, these processes ensures fruits’ best nutrition and quality. Besides that, more than 3.000 jobs are generated in a dry region where the opportunities for the people who lives there are very scarce.

Some programs that are active:

Re-educating program: Insertion of prisoners to the daily farm activities promoting socialization through the work, by being part of this program they can also reduce their prison sentence.

Young Military Band: Support to a local young military band created with the goal to take kids and youngsters out of the street through musical education and discipline.

Finally, the grape’s quality, the concern with the environment and respect to employees are widely proven by several international certifications, enabling our product to be present in the best supermarkets worldwide. All this dedication and care are delivered to final consumer as the sweetest, healthiest, freshiest and crispiest grapes. The brand Doce Uva comes in a beautiful and practical packages, making every moment of consumption simply delicious.

To deliver these quality for the costumer, we work with the best sales partners worldwide.


The arid weather and our cultivating techniques make possible up to two annual harvests, allowing greater product insertion in the market.

About the production, 60% is internally marketed and 40% on worldwide market. Labrunier sells fruits directly to the biggest retail chains in the world, in countries like Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands, and to great fruits distributors.


To offer a safe and quality food, Labrunier constantly improves its practices and follows all agents involved in the production, checking every step.

The products used in our production process are analyzed in specialized laboratories, so there is no type of contamination, prioritizing the use of compounds and organic products.

Grapes harvested by Labrunier go through brix control, the “sugar” level. The higher their grade, the higher their sweetness level. Our table grapes must reach at least 14°BX, to ensure their flavor.

Practices performed by Labrunier for food quality and safety assurance:
• Quality control during the whole process, including production, packing and transport;
• Realization of good postharvest practices (fruit processing, packing and storage);
• Quality control on shipment;
• Assurance of traceability of the whole productive process;
• Constant production process monitoring and after harvest treatment with periodic analysis of the final product (phytosanitary analysis and analysis of maximum residue limits);
• Critical Control Points Analysis;
• Certified and food proper packages use.


Labrunier constantly brings new technologies to optimize grapes production in the farms.

One of those technologies introduced into production is the electrostatic sprayer, capable of reduce water use at the vineyard and optimize the application of agrochemicals. Its system insert an eletric charge in the syrup to be applied, making the micro drops, that normally get lost in the air, to fall electricaly charged and get atracted by the target, the leaves, creating a great benefit to the health of the farm.

With the sprayer, there’s 90% less water used in each application, in addition to substantially reducing losses by drift and, consequently, environment contamination.