In 2008, development of new business took to the creation of Bravis, in Itapetininga, São Paulo.

It is a complete structure that holds Sales, Marketing, Technical Monitoring, Quality Control and Logistics.

Bravis has two different activities: exportation and importation. The company exports its products to several countries in many continents. Among them, Europe Union, Eastern Europe, Southern Asia, Midle East and North America (Canada). For imported products, the distribution is to the main retail chains and also wholesalers that serve small and midsize retail.


Bravis works only with premium quality fruits to meet consumer requirements inside and outside the country, with sicilian lemon, mango and table grapes.


Itapetininga has a subtropical weather and low temperatures at the winter, harvest time for some citrus fruits. These conditions are fundamental to accentuate the fruit color and flavor.


Being a food processing company, Bravis has the responsability to offer high quality and safe food. It follows all the agents involved in the productive process, besides that, constantly improving its practices.
To assure the products quality, defect, total acidity and Brix analysis are made, verifying consumer markets required parameters.

Practices performed by Bravis for food quality and safety assurance:
• Selection and monitoring (technical visits) of producers using the best agricultural practices;
• Fruits certification for Europe by Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) – (induction of stains – Guignardia citricarpa);
• Quality control at the packing house entrance;
• Realization of the best postharvest practices (fruit processing, packing and storage);
• Quality control on shipment;
• Assurance of traceability of the whole productive process;
• Constant production process monitoring and after harvest treatment with periodic analysis of the final product (phytosanitary analysis and analysis of maximum residue limits);


• Commitment to produce safe fruits that ensure the high quality.
• Compliance with national and international laws about food safety, respect to the environment and collaborators wellness;
• Process review and continuous improving.


The packing house is equipped with machines to define and classify fruits by size (caliber). Its processing capacity is 40 tons/hour.

Facilities include 6 cold chambers for refrigerated storage, to maintain fruit freshness, and a ripening chamber, each one with 40 pallets storage capacity.