Reeducando um novo recomeço


Reeducando (re-educate) is a project implemented by Labrunier in September 2017 with the objective of promoting resocialization of convicts and consequent reintegration into social life, through work. This is a project aimed to reach 74 prisoners in semi-open regime. Those who participate in the project will have their penalty reduced: for every three days of work there’s a reduction of one day in their sentences.

In return for this benefit, inmates performed the following activities: pre-cleaning, pruning, mooring, irrigation, plunge and shade control.

During this first year of project it was possible to reap good fruits. To demonstrate results it was collected two testimonies: one from Petrolina Men’s Penitentiary System employee Raniele da Silva de Aquino, and other from a convict.

The Penitentiary Agent Raniele da Silva de Aquino told us a little about the project and its goals: “The primary objective of this project is to make it social reintegration a major possibility for people who are in the semi-open regime, since they are individuals who are already in contact with society, and will soon enjoy total freedom and will need to return into society with a new mentality and perspectives of life. And also, to serve as a model for other companies in this city and in the country, through the success cases. However, from the local administrative point of view, the agreement serves 100 students of the semi-open regime, but we hope to expand this amount soon.

The other testimony was given by a detainee who found in the project a way to start over: “In the face of difficulties I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of Reeducando’s project at the Valley of Grapes. I joined the first group and the program is already completing 1 year. I’ve been working on the farm since the beginning. This is an opportunity I have to socialize again with society and myself. Now I have the chance to be someone better here, working as a team. Our performance made us recognize ourselves in the pre-cleaning activity. I’m thankful for Labrunier for trusting in me and for receive us so well.

In this partnership we observe that words resumption and transformation sum up well the meaning of Reeducando.